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Want to be a part of the annual Disney Channel Games?

Walt Disney and his company have been keeping children entertained since 1924! Considering the amazing track record, it seems that anything Walt Disney touches will be a success. It's no surprise the huge success that the annual Disney Channel Games have become so popular with kids (and adults) around the world.

Read on to find out more about the Disney Channel, Disney Channel Games and how you can become part of the fun!

About Disney Channel:

The Disney Channel is brought to you by ABC and Walt Disney Company, and specializes in original children's programming. The Disney Channel has been entertaining kids (and adults) since 1983. With programs featuring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Winnie the Pooh, the earliest Disney Channel shows provided plenty of entertainment for kids. It was only later that the Disney Channel started appealing to pre-teens, teens and even adults with shows specially targeting these age groups. Disney Channel will always be first and foremost about children, but moving into the year 2000 and beyond, shows are starting to have a broader appeal.

What are the Disney channel games, exactly?

The Disney Channel Games are an annual children's reality show that pits top stars against each other in a variety of fun and exciting games. Since 1996, the top Disney Channel stars have been selected to take part in a thrilling (and fun) series of events. The games also include live performances by some of the top stars.

In the run up to the games, fans can vote online for the games they would most like to see.

Choices in the 2008 Disney Games included: A tough obstacle course, rock, paper scissors, the Hamster Ball relay, a Dunk booth, egg toss and alphabet goop, a thrilling mountain climb relay, Simon Says and a quiz show.

There's no doubt about it, the Disney Channel games test the endurance and skill of all who take part!

Want to be a fan at the Disney channel games next year?

Because of the fun, excitement and of course the star-studded line up, kids from all over the world would love to be part of the Disney Channel Games. If you live near Orlando, you can buy tickets to attend the live event and cheer your favorites on. The official Disney website will have more information about specific costs closer to filming.

No matter where in the world you are, you can be part of the Disney Channel games by watching and cheering for your favorite stars when the games are screened. You can always watch online for those who live in other countries and do not have access to the Disney Channel.

If you love the Disney Channel, chances are you will want to be supporting some of your favorite stars in the Disney Channel games next year. Whatever way you decide to show your support, make sure to watch the greatest show on the Disney Channel. Look out for the Disney Channel Games in 2009!

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