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What businesses can learn from the Disney Channel?

The Disney Channel is conclusive proof that the magic of Walt Disney is nowhere near ending. For this media empire, having entertained children from all over the world for so many years is not enough. This media empire looks set to grow in leaps and bounds through the use of clever advertising, impeccable programming, and the addition of new elements within their empire.

There is no denying the huge popularity of the Disney Channel around the world. Even if you do not watch it, chances are your children or your neighbors do.

So what is the Disney Channel success formula, and what can businesses learn from it?

There is no one particular secret to the huge success of Disney, but there are many general principles that you can incorporate into your business plan, no matter what field you are in.

Five things that businesses can learn from the Disney Channel:

1) Branding: Keeping your branding consistent is something that the Disney Company has excelled in. Many of today's adults remember the Disney branding from their own childhood. There is something so iconic about the outline of Mickey's large ears. Do you remember Disney programming from your childhood? Disney cashes in on this multi-generation brand awareness. What could be better than encouraging the next generation to love something that you yourself loved as a child? Don't be afraid to spend some money on decent branding design, and reap the benefits for many years to come.

2) Keeping the line-up fresh and exciting: The Disney Corporation never rests on its laurels. Even the smallest dip in viewership can result in a complete overhaul of programming. Don't be afraid to try something completely different. In the early days, the Disney Channel was only intended for young children. Throughout the years the marketing of the channel has changed to include ever-increasing age groups. As time passed, Disney realized the huge untapped market in teens and young adults. Today, Disney Channel programming appeals to a variety of age groups.

3) Don't be afraid to try new things: The Disney Channel keeps abreast of the times and developments in technology. The successful website they run is proof that Disney is moving with the times. The Disney Channel recently started HD broadcasts, proving once again that they are not afraid to venture into unknown territory.

4) Get your customers involved: the Disney channel introduced the Disney Channel games in 2006, in an attempt to break into reality TV. The Disney Channel Games have been very successful, with many children wanting tickets to attend the live event, as well as high ratings for the broadcasts.

5) Keep expanding: The Disney Company is never content with their successes, and are constantly looking for ways to improve. From comics, to theme parks, to TV, to merchandise, the Disney brand is constantly expanding. Always keep one eye to the future and ways to expand your own businesses!

With the amazing infrastructure that the Disney Corporation has created, you can be sure of their continued successes. Take some tips from one of the most successful companies in the world. Who knows, one day people might be writing articles about what they can learn from your business success?

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