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Hello (50 posting(s))

By Kaleigh Coleman on 2008-11-17 11:03 AM

OK i was wondering why you are advertising a new show and then playing a movie in the time slot? it is the new mater show
i really wanted to record that show for my son...
please let me know when it will be on

Great ideas (0 posting(s))

By Alicia Jones on 2008-11-17 11:04 AM

Hello disney,

For some time this idea has been floating in my head and I have to let it out.

I not sure if this is the REAL disney. I have been searching sites and e-mailing people that said that they where the real disney. Any way my idea is a new show that will help bring in money for disney. I would like to know where the disney channel head-quarter's is. Please e-mail me back and I will tell you my plan.


hey Disney! (0 posting(s))

By Sarah on 2008-11-17 11:04 AM

Hey disney channel

My name is Sarah and I was just wondering what agencies would be good to contact or to send my headshots and resume to in order to be on disney channel.

Or maybe would you have any suggestions about getting into acting on disney channel.

If you could write me back and let me know that would be so great!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Disney Channel (0 posting(s))

By Bryce Guerrero on 2008-11-17 11:05 AM


I think it would be awesome if Disney included some older shows or had them on Toon Disney. I'm 16 and I grew up watching the shows from the late 90's like Zoog Disney. ALOT of people want the old shows back. So yeah I thought I'd ask for some of them to be put back on...everybody would love it. And I don't mean any disrespect but I think those old shows are so much better than the ones that are on Disney right now.


Auditions for Disney Channel (0 posting(s))

By melissa allen on 2008-12-16 05:19 AM

Hello,my 11 year old daughter would like to know if ther is any auditions (for disney channel).

Concern about Disney Channel shows (8 posting(s))

By Cheri Manuel on 2008-12-16 05:20 AM

My name is Cheri Manuel and I am an undergrad student at Western Illinois University. My roommates and I love the Disney channel and watch it all the time, in fact it is the only reason we have cable. The one reason we love the Disney Channel is that it is a channel we know we can watch without dealing with all the sexual content and swear like all other channels. Today we were a little disappointed. We turn on the Sweet Live On Board only to see young girls portraying showgirls and dancing on older gentlemen. All of my roommates gasped and were shocked at the fact we just saw this on the Disney channel. We are all adults and have seen more then that, but we also have young nieces and nephews that watch your shows and are highly influenced by them. Once again we love the Disney channel and would hate to think that you are going in a direction that would be unsuitable for the younger kids. It is a channel made for them. Our main concern now is where the Disney channel is going? Is this going to be the new style of your programs. I would hate to think that we have to add the Disney channel to the list of channels our youngest family members are not allowed to watch. I grew up with these shows and I can not imagine not being able to watch it with my kids someday due to the inappropriate nature.

Thank you for taking the time to read my concerns.

-Cheri Manuel

Taping times of the suite life of zack and cody (0 posting(s))

By Megan Tommasino on 2008-12-16 05:21 AM

i would like to know where the taping of the show is at.I would like to go
Thank you

Our Disnet Channel chat (9 posting(s))

By Kyri Lucien on 2009-03-02 11:59 AM

My friends and I are trying to have our own show on disney channel and it is going to be called the treo boys. Our names are Kyri Lucien,Kelejawan Leflore,Gyrell Gooden,Jousha Verdun,De'Juan Bradley,and Richard Stewart. We also have our own girl her name is Brittany Taylor. We made our own script.And we took all of our acts and we are trying to see what else we have have to do to make our own show.

Idea / Suggestion for Disney Channel (1 posting(s))

By Kagome Higurashi on 2009-03-02 12:00 PM

Dear Disney,
   I am a young Disney Channel fan. I was recently discussing Disney Channel with a group of my friends. I love Disney, but to be honest I think it was best in the 90's. I don't mean to insult any Disney stars, producers, or anyone else working for Disney, but I don't think Disney is as good as it used to be. Disney Channel used to be great for children and teens alike, now the shows are basically all for children, no offense.
   My idea is to have a month where you air all the old shows that aren't on Disney any more, like The Famous Jett Jackson, So Weird, Boy Meets World, etc. You could also air the old Disney Movies, like Horsesense, and Escape To Witch Mountain, also. At the end of the month you could have viewers vote on 2 or 3 shows they think should stay on Disney Channel. You could call it, Disney Memories.
   I don't want to offend anyone, but I love the old Disney shows, and I'm sure others feel the same way. It's just an idea and I won't bug you every month about doing it, I just really think it's a great idea.
  A Disney Fan

Quick question about High School Musical 4 (0 posting(s))

By traci pawelek on 2009-03-02 12:01 PM

I'm not sure if this is the right e-mail, but i sent my resume and pictures to Jason La Padura for a chance to be in High School Musical 4. If my picture sizes were 4x6, will my letter be disregarded, or will they still consider it? Please let me know, so I will send another one if I need to.  Thank you

Proud Family- complaint (3 posting(s))

By Jamie Shannon on 2009-03-02 12:01 PM

My name is Jamie Shannon.  My six year old was up sick the other night so I was letting her watch Disney Channel.  An episode of Proud Family was on.  We had never watched the show before and during the program something happened and the father said "what the" and his mouth made the "F" as if to say the "f-word" and I flew out of the chair trying to switch the channel thinking that he was actually going to say it!  Come on!  This is DISNEY for crying out loud.  Don't we get enough of the bad language on all the other channels?  Very uncalled for and we will now have to monitor Disney shows along with everything else. 
I would appreciate better censoring for your "kid friendly" programming.
Jamie Shannon

The Wiggles on Disney Channel (0 posting(s))

By kara lasinski on 2009-03-02 12:02 PM

We really miss watching the Wiggles on tv.  Since Greg left the group, can you tell me if they're filming new shows with the new yellow Wiggle, Sam?  And if so, when will they begin airing?  If they do not put out new episodes, will you PLEASE show re-runs?

Ideas (0 posting(s))

By Kera Williams on 2009-03-02 12:02 PM

To Whom it may concern:
How does a person submit ideas to Disney?  Any information you can send me will be appreciated.
Thank you,
Kera Williams

Suggestions for disney tv (0 posting(s))

By Keith P on 2009-03-02 12:03 PM

Could you please air some of the older Disney tv series again? I remember growing up watching most of these and I know a lot of people (old and young) will enjoy these shows.

The Muppet Show
The Torklesons
Adventures In Wonderland
Digimon Data Squad
Smart Guy
So Weird
Fraggle Rock
The Jersey
Adventures Of The Gummi Bears
Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers
Jungle Cubs
Care Bears
Flash Foward
Sonic The Hedgehog
Adventures Of Rin Tin Tin
Bill Nye The Science Guy
Brotherly Love

Auditions for Disney Channel (1 posting(s))

By Madison Osborn on 2009-03-02 12:03 PM

Hello, i was just wondering how do you enter for auditions for disney channel shows or music? If you could please help me in anyway. I am very interested in trying out.
Madison Osborn

Older Disney Channel shows (1 posting(s))

By Wade Grant on 2009-03-02 12:04 PM


Let me first say thank you for all the wonderful programming over the years. Our whole family really enjoy all the shows.

I was wondering is there any chance that the older shows like, "Out of the Box" or "PB&J Otter", will come back on in reruns. My 9 year old son loved them, and I know that my daughters of 4 and 2 would love them also.

Or, would it be possible to offer these series for sale on one of your web sites.

Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend.

Wade Grant

Larry K. Reed...Former Officially Certified Primary 98 Candidate to Become California Lieutenant Governor (293 posting(s))

By Larry Keith Reed on 2009-03-02 12:05 PM

Larry K. Reed
The Uncorruptible Committee:  F.E.C ID C00341750
Date:  February 10, 2009
Subject:  Important!   Please tell your television and movie actors, actresses, or guest stars, to never threaten or cause any harm to any of my relatives or brothers known as, Mr. Brian Reed, Mr. Brian Joseph Reed, Mr. Brian R., Mr. Dana Reed, Ms. Rachel Reed, or to me, etc...!
Dear Honorable Disney Channel and Staff:
My name is Larry K. Reed.  And, I was an official candidate for statewide office during the primary 96 and 98 race to become California State Assemblyman, A.D 64, and California Lieutenant Governor.  Furthermore, I was lawfully allowed to campaign to become United States Vice President and United States President 2001/2004/2008.  My campaign committee is known as the Uncorruptible Committee:  F.E.C Political Campaign ID C00341750 and F.E.C Presidential Candidate ID P00003772.
I am writing to you today because I have been overhearing a number of different people attempting to create suspicion or spreading around defamatory remarks about my brothers and me!  And, I need your office to try to help and assure me that I will not lose any of my relatives, brothers, or any of my friends, because of the malicious and false rumors and strategic tactics deployed by so many different television and movie stars and actresses, etc.!  And, I don't mean opposite!  ( For Example: I have overheard and observed a few of your live televised actresses, rock stars, and actors, attempting to falsely and illegally insinuate that my relative and brother known as Mr. Brian Reed or his identical twin had committed a Bank Robbery during the past!  And, that I am either an illegal drug addict, or someone impersonating being my own self and name, etc....) 
So, I need your organization to basically make sure that your celebrities are not attempting to conspire or enjoin in causing a false arrest, assault, or any type of lynch mob act, against my brothers and me, etc...!   And, I also perceive your organization should try to make sure that your corporation and celebrities are not unlawfully or unjustly slaying any of the young television celebrities, their identical twins, or guests behind scenes, etc...!  Note:  A few of the television shows and celebrities I believe you should inform are, "Cory," and his, Dad," Vocalist: Hanna Montana, Billy Ray Cirus, Wizards of Waverly Place:  Selena Gomez and her televised Dad and Brother:  and a few of the other identical twins of the Jonas Brothers, etc....!  However, I think you should know I feel in love with either the original or identical twin of Miley Cirus, etc...  And, I hope I have a little bit of respect from Billy Ray Cirus, and Selena Gomez, etc.... (But I'm not sure if I am being misled?)
I also would suggest you post either a written or oral warning that says any one of your television celebrities, musical stars, or dancers, can either lose their television part, job, contract, or television show, if they ever enjoin in conspiring against any person's life or property, etc....  And, if they ever harm or cause the death of any of my brothers, their identical twins, or me, etc....!  And, I don't mean opposite!
I also want to let you know to inform everybody that I will never allow any person to change into looking either like a duplicate, image, or identical twin, who looks like my own facial features or photos, etc...!  And, I refuse to allow any person to become reborn into my facial features or photos in the event I ever lose my life or physically die.  Pursuant to violation US Title 18 section 1028: Fraud; California Penal Code section P. 529, P. 530, . 532: Impersonation and False Pretense; the Tort of the Invasion of the Right to Privacy; and the Tort of Appropriations/Misappropriations, etc...!
Please let me know when you receive this email letter!
I look forward to your organizations help and concern.
Thank you.
Larry K. Reed
Former Officially Certified Primary 98 Candidate to Become California Lieutenant Governor.  Former Musician Federation of Musician's Union Member local 167, San Bernardino, (merged with) local 47, Los Angeles, CA.  Former California State Licensed Contractor 762470.  Paralegal Graduate of Federal Paralegal College.
P.S  You should perhaps make sure the Hanna Montana who plays and stars live on the Disney Channel does not go along with any more bad gossip about my brother Brian Reed and me.  The reason is I perceive she is given live television time with some dancers about everyday from somewhere.  And, a few of the dancers look pretty hip and rapper like!
P.P.S  I also think you should let your celebrities know that if my voice is ever being amplified to them, and while they are having television time or behind scenes, to try and not get to upset with me about griping about it.  You could let them know at certain moments I feel stressed and hurt and go into a practice room to gripe out loud to keep from getting physical...

Jojo's Circus - Disney Channel (2 posting(s))

By Courtney Foisie on 2009-03-02 12:05 PM

To whom it may concern:
My son and I enjoy watching Jojo's Circus and they last few days it hasn't been on. Is this a permanent thing? When should we be watching?
Thank you, Courtney

Appropiate ads on Disney Channel (0 posting(s))

By Colleen Kean on 2009-03-02 12:06 PM

To Whom It May Concern:
We have decided that our five year old daughter is too young to watch Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers and others geared towards older children and teens.
You make it impossible for us to monitor that when you show videos during shows such as Little Mermaid.
I am a Marketing and Communications Director for a nonprofit and it seems to me that you are strategically placing these videos in order promote your shows and products for teenagers to a much younger audience in the name of sales.
We rely upon you to represent an organization that has touted they are about strong values.  Please explain then how a teenage girl singing about how she has had enough of her boyfriend is appropriate during shows geared towards younger audiences.
Colleen Kean

Please consider me (11 posting(s))

By Morgan Torchia on 2009-03-02 12:06 PM

Hi. I Guesse you know my name. I sent a video to Disney. It has been a while and nothing hase been returned. I hope that if you didn't like the video you sent it to nikelodion. please write back. I want this more than anything. I would not dissapoint you
your#1 fan
morgan Torchia
PS: I am not asking to be right on the show. I'll audition live

Auditions Disney Channel (7 posting(s))

By Bobby Clidinst on 2009-03-02 12:07 PM

Hello, My names Bobby Clidinst, and I am inteested in being part of a disney show. I'm 17, I sing, and if it helps i'm very into sports. I was just curious if there and auditions coming up you could contact me about.
Thank You,
Bobby Clidinst

I have an idea for new a show on Disney Channel (0 posting(s))

By demarkus polk on 2009-03-02 12:07 PM

hi my name is demarkus polk from rockford il
its about black teens who are brothers and have fun and good times togather in high school like they go to the mall and go to spring break parties and love to hang out with their friends if you like the idea write back
p.s. if you choose it i was wondering i love to act so u think i colud be one of the brothers

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