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Proud Family- complaint


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Proud Family- complaint

By Jamie Shannon on 2009-03-02 12:01 PM

My name is Jamie Shannon.  My six year old was up sick the other night so I was letting her watch Disney Channel.  An episode of Proud Family was on.  We had never watched the show before and during the program something happened and the father said "what the" and his mouth made the "F" as if to say the "f-word" and I flew out of the chair trying to switch the channel thinking that he was actually going to say it!  Come on!  This is DISNEY for crying out loud.  Don't we get enough of the bad language on all the other channels?  Very uncalled for and we will now have to monitor Disney shows along with everything else. 
I would appreciate better censoring for your "kid friendly" programming.
Jamie Shannon

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