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Idea / Suggestion for Disney Channel

By Kagome Higurashi on 2009-03-02 12:00 PM

Dear Disney,
   I am a young Disney Channel fan. I was recently discussing Disney Channel with a group of my friends. I love Disney, but to be honest I think it was best in the 90's. I don't mean to insult any Disney stars, producers, or anyone else working for Disney, but I don't think Disney is as good as it used to be. Disney Channel used to be great for children and teens alike, now the shows are basically all for children, no offense.
   My idea is to have a month where you air all the old shows that aren't on Disney any more, like The Famous Jett Jackson, So Weird, Boy Meets World, etc. You could also air the old Disney Movies, like Horsesense, and Escape To Witch Mountain, also. At the end of the month you could have viewers vote on 2 or 3 shows they think should stay on Disney Channel. You could call it, Disney Memories.
   I don't want to offend anyone, but I love the old Disney shows, and I'm sure others feel the same way. It's just an idea and I won't bug you every month about doing it, I just really think it's a great idea.
  A Disney Fan

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