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Concern about Disney Channel shows

By Cheri Manuel on 2008-12-16 05:20 AM

My name is Cheri Manuel and I am an undergrad student at Western Illinois University. My roommates and I love the Disney channel and watch it all the time, in fact it is the only reason we have cable. The one reason we love the Disney Channel is that it is a channel we know we can watch without dealing with all the sexual content and swear like all other channels. Today we were a little disappointed. We turn on the Sweet Live On Board only to see young girls portraying showgirls and dancing on older gentlemen. All of my roommates gasped and were shocked at the fact we just saw this on the Disney channel. We are all adults and have seen more then that, but we also have young nieces and nephews that watch your shows and are highly influenced by them. Once again we love the Disney channel and would hate to think that you are going in a direction that would be unsuitable for the younger kids. It is a channel made for them. Our main concern now is where the Disney channel is going? Is this going to be the new style of your programs. I would hate to think that we have to add the Disney channel to the list of channels our youngest family members are not allowed to watch. I grew up with these shows and I can not imagine not being able to watch it with my kids someday due to the inappropriate nature.

Thank you for taking the time to read my concerns.

-Cheri Manuel

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